With a Mouse (to your mouth). Trailer

Trailer for the feature film: With a Mouse (to your mouth) directed by Virtual Alien CAST Stuart Timings Dolly di Rosso Virtual Alien James Waterhouse . Synopsis Two friends are spending a week, day/night crossing London inside a black cab and reading a science fiction book. In the story their imagination is so powerful that they are able to become the characters from the book and re-create new and better realities around them in 3D and in blue. This is the story of X. X is a little germ entering someone’s mouth. X’s vision is somewhat blurred; it is in ‘distorted 3D’. The mouth is the ultimate frontier between the inside of a creature and the rest of the universe. It is the border control. There is a long process before reaching the heart of the body. X aims to re-produce itself into the heart of the body just like a little mouse. Music: With a Mouse (to your mouth) by Virtual Alien

Source: YouTube