Science Fiction Book Trailer – OCTILOGY: Eight Great Treasures

Octilogy Blog at: What if thevirus—the Dark Plague—came from outer space? What if a rebellious teenager travels to another planet and during his perilous quest for Octilogy’s first great treasure—love—he discovers a cure for the deadly virus? Hunter Wainright must make the highest choice—remain on Planet Millennium to save the life of Eve, his first love, or return to Earth with a cure for the Dark Plague. Eight daynights earlier, the rebellious teenager travels to the mysterious planet and meets a sage, Metamorphosis, who convinces Hunter to travel the Open Road and discover Octilogy’s first great treasure—love. Eve, teenager from Planet Epiphany, joins Hunter and the sage on the dangerous journey through the Underworld of Answers into the Upperworld of Wisdom. During Hunter’s epic struggle to overcome the wrath of Ex and the Extractors, villains of low self-esteem, he witnesses the aftermath of the emotional virus that has infected both Earth and Millennium. Entire Octilogy book, maps and artwork are free at: http "When you love something, give it away." -Metamorphosis Facebook @ Mel Wayne http Facebook @ Octilogy: Eight Great Treasures Twitter Author’s Email Address: Music by Jamie Browning Copyright by Rock Solid Songs BMI and Atlantic Music BMI Mel Wayne As a champion of change, Mel Wayne has dedicated the past ten years writing his <b>…</b>

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