Dragon Haven

Dragon Haven by Robin Hobb

by Robin Hobb

A great book that holds your attention from beginning to end.

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Source: SCI-FI-LONDON 11 : 1-7 May 2012 – Books

2 thoughts on “Dragon Haven

  1. I always dffierentiate Star Trek and Star Wars by thinking of Star Trek as Science Fiction (there’s a constant need to justify or explain, scientifically, the actions being taken or the plot [with some plots solely revolving around technological items and their functions]) and Star Wars as Science Fantasy (who the fuck knows how a hyperdrive works or what fuel they use exempting certain of the books). If you think of it like that, maybe you could lean more towards Science Fantasy, which would give you more control over the universe you’re creating, and would require less slavish scientific justifications.

  2. Hi All – I’ve just contacted The Reader about the ‘bring back ficiotn’ campaign. They’ve agreed and asked for a list of mags to contact on Facebook. I’ve sent them a list of all the mags that have ceased using ficiotn over the past ten years or so i’ve included:Woman, Woman’s Own, Candis, That’s life, Best, Bella, Essentials, The Lady, She, Good Housekeeping, and explained Take A Breakare planning to delete or reduce ficiotn publication also. I even remember that a magazine called “What Car’ used to have a ficiotn slot. If anyone can come up with any more please post on this blog. Thanks. Kath

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