Daytime Toronto’s host Val Cole interviews science fiction author Karen Lefave

On November 15th science fiction author Karen Lefave had the pleasure of meeting with Val Cole at Rogers TV Daytime Toronto morning show for a fun interview to discuss the first novel of her creative new science fiction book series called Nemecene : The Epoch of Redress and the ONE BILLION DOLLAR clean water mission entwined with the Nemecene inspiration. Got to for information on where to purchase the book and be sure to Nemecene check out the audio trailer.

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CC Talks With: James Patrick Kelly

CC Talks With: James Patrick Kelly

Cameron Parkins, January 28th, 2008, of

Over the holidays, we caught up with acclaimed writer (and podcaster) James Patrick Kelly and asked him some questions regarding the interesting and unique ways he has embraced CC licenses for his work. Read on to find out what positives Kelly has seen in using CC as well as which CC evangelist (hint: he also is known for writing science fiction) tipped him off to the whole concept in the first place.


What is your background? Can you catch up our readers on the various projects you are involved in, from your writing to your podcast?

I am primarily known as a science fiction writer but I write in many genres, including mainstream or literary fiction, slipstream, fantasy and mystery. I’ve written five novels, about eighty short stories as well as poems, plays, essays and even a planetarium show. I’ve had some gratifying recognition for my work: two Hugos, a Nebula and a Locus Award. I’ve been churning out a column about science fiction and the internet at Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine for more than ten years now. Back in 2004 I had a chance to be there pretty near the birth of podcasting. I was being interviewed by Dave Slusher and he tried to explain what it was and why it was so cool. But I was too dense to wrap my mind around podcasting just then, so it wasn’t until the fall of 2005 that I started Free Reads, which is my CC podcast. That led to James Patrick Kelly’s StoryPod on, which is a for-pay podcast. But enough about me — if for some reason you lust for more Jim Kelly propaganda, check out my website
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Kyirux Author’s message (Thank you) (Sci-fi book) on Ancient Aliens A strange device has been discovered from deep beneath the surface of our planet. Its origins: unknown. Its age: older than life, and its purpose: to change mankind. The secrets of human evolution and purpose of our existence has finally been answered by this device. The information it contains maybe too much for a human mind to fathom, because once the mind knows its true origin, it can drive a human being mad. This device, which identified itself as ‘KYIRUX’, also gave us a warning of celestial proportions. The information inside this device is not to be handled by the faint of hearts. This is not a science fiction book. This book is for the lovers of all genres and every single human being who once had those rattling thoughts within them at night before sleep, when gazing at the stars. The redundant questions of who we are, what is our purpose, what really is the purpose of this universe, and, who created this place? Some of the themes presented in the sci-fi book series: Secret behind the Pyramids Mars, Sedona (area) 40 Year absence of NASA on the Moon What’s really on the Moon… Mayan scientific theories about Universe Mysteries of Planet Saturn Flower-of-Life symbol Who was Amun-Ra? Anunnaki and sumerians’ history Nazca Lines Planet X (Nibiru) Human Evolution Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Secret of Oil, and use of other natural resources Purpose of humans and this Universe What is outside the edges of our Universe? What and Who is God? Why we

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Cory Doctorow’s “For The Win”

Jane Park, May 11th, 2010 , from
Longtime supporter of CC and NYTimes best selling author Cory Doctorow has released his latest work of fiction, For The Win, under a CC BY-NC-SA license. For The Win is about a virtual future of gamers, Big Sister, and shadow economies. Cory encourages you to remix the work and also to convert it to your favorite format. You can download the book for free, donate, or buy the book at his site.

His last book, Little Brother, was available for download under the same license and spent four weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. For more on why Cory uses CC for his works, see his posts for Locus Magazine on Creative Commons and Why I Copyfight.