SFFMeta Science Fiction New Releases – December 31, 2011

Gothic High-Tech Image Gothic High-Tech
Written by Bruce Sterling
Published on December 31, 2011
All About Emily Image All About Emily
Written by Connie Willis
Published on December 31, 2011

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Cosmos Episodio 3 parte 1/7,good

Beautiful orrery(solar system model) avaiable in : www.orrerystore.com .Episodio 3: La armonía de los mundosContenido:Astronomía vs astrología Ptolomeo y el modelo geocéntrico Johannes Kepler y Tycho Brahe Las Leyes de Kepler.Fuente: es.wikipedia.org 3: The Harmony of the WorldsContents:1. Opening 2. Astronomers vs. Astrologers Astronomy vs. astrology 3. Astrology Careful observations, fuzzy thinking and pious fraud. 4. Laws of Nature 5. Constellations Constellations and ancient astronomy 6. Astronomers Anasazian ceremonial calendar 7. Ptolemy/Copernicus Ptolemy and the geocentric world view 8. Johannes Kepler 9. Kepler and Tycho Brahe 10. Kepler's Laws 11. The Somnium The first Science Fiction book: The Dream Source: en.wikipedia.org

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Banned UFO Government & NASA information leaked (a Sci-Fi Book)

CLICK HERE- www.krsnovels.com A strange device has been discovered from deep beneath the surface of our planet. Its origins: unknown. Its age: older than life, and its purpose: to change mankind. The secrets of human evolution and purpose of our existence has finally been answered by this device. The information it contains maybe too much for a human mind to fathom, because once the mind knows its true origin, it can drive a human being mad. This device, which identified itself as ‘KYIRUX’, also gave us a warning of celestial proportions. The information inside this device is not to be handled by the faint of hearts. In the book I will take you into a world that I experienced during my Kundalini Meditation. The visions and the answers I began to receive during such trance, has changed my DNA forever. I can tell you everything in just a paragraph, but to write a fictional story around it, makes the information a lot more entertaining to comprehend and to fathom our reality. There is a secret concept that we humans can never understand unless we evolve into a higher dimensional beings. While writing this book, I shocked myself while writing the third and final part of this journey. I still can’t fathom that this can be true and can exist. The rabbit hole is far deeper than you and I can ever imagine. The images and their meaning that you see on the right, are only the surface personification of the iceberg that lies deep within. To start with, the war in Iraq wasn’t to

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