Fahrenheit 451 Podcast School Project(Script in Description)

There’s a finite amount of ideas that can be written on paper, and Ray Bradbury, the author of the science fiction book Fahrenheit 451, stumbled upon a good one, when he wrote a book about, well, burning books. This book, although short, has a big message. To what extent is the government allowed to censor its people? In the story, fire men have been trained to, instead of stopping fires, to start them, in order to make sure that no books with real substance remain. Why? Because the government feels that they can better maintain happiness by removing any material that can offend people, or even make them think! All novels have been replaced with meaningless periodicals, and documentaries with sitcoms. The main characters are Guy Montag, a devoted fire man who later realizes that he’s been living a lie and isn’t really happy, Mildred Montag, Guy’s wife, a boring and confused woman who spends most of her time in her comfort zone, watching television, Clarisse McClellan, a girl that realizes the government is lying to its people and helps convince Guy that he really isn’t happy, and Professor Faber, a retired language arts teacher, who helps Guy figure out what to do when Guy realizes he wants books. Early in the book, Guy is told by Clarisse that there is way more to life than the government allows its people to do, which makes him realize the government isn’t really making people happy, but just making people think they are by not letting them really experience true joy

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