The Way To My Heart – Jon Magnificent

This song is from the soundtrack to the science fiction novel INTWINE (author: Christina Moss). Words and music by Jon Magnificent. All parts performed, engineered, mixed and mastered by Jon Magnificent.

Source: YouTube

2 thoughts on “The Way To My Heart – Jon Magnificent

  1. Jon has produced 8 original songs for the soundtrack for my book, INTWINE, a 4-part, sci fi adventure based in Burbank, CA and a planet on the other side of the galaxy. Jon’s working on 2 more songs for the album and it should be released this Spring. :)

  2. Thanks John for adding my blog to your list, it’s an honor. My frenid and I met you at the San Francisco Wondercon and since then we’ve been following your blog, in search for inspiration. Your artwork is very inspirational and you are a wonderful person. Your Bits and Pieces sketchbook and Patrick Morgan’s Sketchbook are among my most precious possesions. It was a pleasure meeting you in San Francisco and I’m looking forward to meeting you again, hopefully at the San Diego ComicCon. My wife bought Patrick morgan’s Whaleboy shirt and she can’t wait to buy the Whaleboy toy.Cheers!

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