THE CHOSEN ONE ‘THE FINAL DAYS’ english caption, the book of ‘EL ELEGIDO’

Stunning images of apocalyptic science fiction book The Chosen ‘EL ELEGIDO’, chilling scenes of the arrival of the beast, when world leaders were held and the world was led to war. In a world destroyed, ruined, ‘The Chosen’ Chris Guerrero is in the valley of death and prepares to join the rebels to go to the final war against the New Babylon. A world full of action, adrenaline and find frightening scenarios behind this great novel written by author and visionary ALBINO LEONEL. Book:EL ELEGIDO ‘LOS DIAS FINALES DE LA TIERRA’

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2 thoughts on “THE CHOSEN ONE ‘THE FINAL DAYS’ english caption, the book of ‘EL ELEGIDO’

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  2. +1 for the swcond one. This book is not known oiduste India at all, but is quite famous in universities in south india. Perhsps the fact that the author was the vice chancellor of a university helped this fame. The contents are more like it was written by someone who just completed a semester in C++. Oct 15 ’10 at 7:29

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