Time Riders- By Alex Scarrow [Book Trailer]

Video Created and Narrated By Tyler Klugh. TimeRiders is a science fiction book that deals with time travel and the fight to keep time in its natural flow. Liam O’Connor, an average 16 year-old Steward for the titanic, was about to have a life changing experience. The titanic hit an iceberg and began to sink, Liam was about to escape when, he heard a voice, he ran back to where guests lived, but saw nothing. A man appeared and told him,” Liam O’Connor, you’re going to die in 2 minutes. I’m offering you a way to live, but you’ll exist as a phantom. You’ll never live life the same as you do now.” Just as the titanic was about break apart and be completely submerged, Liam grabbed the man’s hand and saw a bright light. Maddy Carter, a 19 year old girl, is on an airplane flying to Chicago. The plane malfunctions and the right wing’s engine ruptures and shoots flames into the cabin. A man appears promising to save her life and use her abilities to their potential. He tells her how the airplane they’re on will go down and crash. He also says that she won’t be able to see her family again because they would all die in the crash. She thinks the man is either crazy or is a terrorist. He assures her he isn’t a terrorist and that he’s from an agency that needs her skills. The airplane begins to rip apart, people getting sucked out of gaping holes; He tells her to grab his hand if she wants to live. She grabbed his hand and disappeared. Sal Vikram, a 14 year old girl, is in India in

Source: YouTube

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