The Spiral Slayers – Book One:Encounters Book Trailer

The Spiral Slayers Series For eons the cycle of universe, after universe, after universe had endured. Each one sifting the stardust to seed and nurture self-aware life. At the zenith of each universe’s expansion, all self-aware life, past and present rise up for the fulfillment of life’s ultimate destiny and the answer to that eternal question: why are we here? But, something has gone horribly wrong. Universes have started dying prematurely; the life they held lost forever. Existence itself now hangs by a thread. Then an advanced species finds a way to send a desperate solution into the next universe; our universe. But, all we know is that a black vale is creeping through the super clusters destroying planets, suns and entire galaxies and it must be stopped. Book One: Encounters On a planet called Amular at the edge of the Great Coma Wall, an accidental explosion seemingly kills fifty-two-year-old Captain Adamarus Maximus. A week later, aliens called the Loud reveal themselves bringing Maximus to the Emergency Room. The Loud are 3000 years ahead of Amular in science and technology and while Maximus will make a full recovery, there are a few problems — he is 20 years younger, he is no longer aging and the aliens will talk to only him. The world shattering impact and political intrigue caused by Amular’s first alien contact is nothing next to what happens when the Loud bestow youth and immortality to the inhabitance of Amular. But, the other shoe falls when an even more

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