Clayton R. Douglas is many things, first and foremost he is a writer with 3 books available on Amazon, Kindle and other outlets. He is also an entrepreneur, starting and running companies all over the country. He is a publisher with 4 magazines that were distributed nationally, and a film maker with four documentaries. He may have earned the title of one of the most “Controversial” men of the Twentieth century, bestowed on him by politically connected people, powerful organizations and much of the mainstream media. This impression was purposely created to lessen the impact of his writing, his magazines and the radio shows he has been doing since 1994. He had the audacity to give a voice to highly intelligent people from all over the world whose view points were different from what is usually heard on the mainstream outlets. He was a straight A student who read every science fiction book in the Fort Worth public library before he turned 14. He got a motorcycle, had a few confrontations with teachers and vice-principals, dropped out of school in the ninth grade and took a walk on the wild side…for the rest of his life. Contact Lin Swindell at linswindell@live.com Life in the 21st Century By Clay Douglas 1931 words “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” — Voltaire http//freeamerican.com and libertyvillages.org I am now taking applications for people that want to live a self-sufficient lifestyle with others of their own kind and

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