What are Genetically Modified Foods ??? Monsanto Corporation

If you are unaware of GMOs then you are in for a shock. GMOs are genetically modified food that is the result of experiments in a lab. The scary part is now we are all eating and drinking GMOs if we live in North America or third world countries. Europe has rejected GMOs claiming they are unsafe. GMOs are foods that are genetically modified to have insecticides, pesticides, drugs, and vaccines already in them. Their DNA is spliced and reformed and then the seeds are forced onto farmers. There is endless risks to doing this to food and unless it is stopped now there will be no turning back. GMO plant spores will spread to other plants, then spread to animals, then to people, and so on. It will have a butterfly effect and will change the world as we know it. It will be the end of natural God made food and will be a world of cancer, famine, death, and creatures out of a science fiction book. Eat organic, shop at local farmers markets, go to whole foods or other organic markets in your neigborhood. Spread the word and do something about it! truefoodnow.org www.organicconsumers.org www.localharvest.org

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