SFFMeta Science Fiction New Releases – September 25, 2012

Treacheries of the Space Marines Image Treacheries of the Space Marines
Edited by Christian Dunn
Published on September 25, 2012

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Age of the Aura, Short Promo #1

Age of the Aura is a new science fiction series, currently available as an eBook. This story details the beginnings of a tragically fated galaxy that has been blessed with five Auras — enormous powerhouses of creation that have enabled the governing bodies limitless possibilities that have varied greatly on the moral spectrum of good and evil. Click the links below for information on the series and the eBook for Phase I of the series. Website www.ageoftheaura.com “Like” this on Facebook www.facebook.com Twitter (Follow the author) twitter.com

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Slice of SciFi UCTV part 1 Intro

Slice of SciFi gets access to the UCTV Studios for a sneak peek, behind the scenes interview with the Producers of “It Came From Riverside”. A web series documentary about the Eaton Collection, the largest science fiction book collection housed at the University of California – Riverside.

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The Heir, a novel by Lynne Stringer Book Coming 2013

What if he told you that you were the only reason he was put on this planet … and it was the truth? The Heir is a young adult science fiction romance novel by Lynne Stringer, coming in 2013. Check out Lynne’s author page on Facebook or follow Lynne on twitter: @TheHeirNovel.

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