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I wrote a book. Here’s my publisher’s description of it:

“In this fast-paced new novel, Gil A. Waters introduces us to an America warped by…

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The Ancient Discovery You can get your new copy of The Ancient Discovery. It is one of the best new science fiction ebooks released in the past month. The video has hot music an alien pics just the way you like it. The Ancient Discovery

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Interview with Todd Boddy, Part I on ‘The Exit’

Author, Todd Boddy is interviewed in three parts via skype by Ken Crawford of Ministry Renaissance. In this section he asks ‘Why do you refer to yourself as the Passionate Writer and Texas Golfer?’ Why would a pastor write a science fiction novel series? How does your exploring the image of God relate to the daily grind of people?

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Race To Witch Mountain

The 1975 Walt Disney classic Escape to Witch Mountain is the touchstone of my youth. The film made me want to have the super powers of the two alien children, Tia (Kim Richards) and Tony (Iake Eisenmann) for the good of humanity, of course. Now, Walt Disney Pictures is releasing a reboot of the film bearing a more fast-paced title Race to Witch Mountain. The plot and the childrens names may have been changed, but the magic is still intact. Both Escape and Race films credit the 1968 science fiction book by Alexander Key as their source of inspiration. The novels dark tone is highlighted by the belief that most humans are untrustworthy, greedy, and hateful. While the 2009 film version touches upon the evils of humanity, it also showcases the good of mankind. The heart of Race to Witch Mountain belongs to Dwayne Johnson as a Las Vegas cab driver named Jack Bruno. The ex-wrestler, formerly known as The Rock, has been impressing me with his comedic timing and extreme likeability. In the movie, Jack is an ex-con whos trying to turn his life around. But driving up and down the Las Vegas strip day-in and day-out makes him feel like a hamster on a wheel. His life is about to change when he encounters Sara (AnnaSophia Robb) and Seth (Alexander Ludwig), two siblings with paranormal powers. Carrying an exorbitant amount of cash, the pair asks Jack to take them to an undisclosed Nevada location far away from the strip. But soon, theyre being chased by a group of government employees

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Slice of SciFi UCTV part 5 Intro

Episode 5, “Watch The Skies”. Slice of SciFi gets access to the UCTV Studios for a sneak peek, behind the scenes interview with the Producers of “It Came From Riverside”. A web series documentary about the Eaton Collection, the largest science fiction book collection housed at the University of California – Riverside.

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