City, by Clifford D Simak

*City, by Clifford D Simak*

Clifford D Simak was one of the most popular…

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Wen Spencer – Wiki Article

Wen Spencer (born in 1963) is an American Science fiction and fantasy writer whose books center around characters with unusual abilities, and which might be regarded as original variations on the sta… Wen Spencer – Wiki Article – Original @ http All Information Derived from Wikipedia using Creative Commons License: Author: Dbrukman Image URL: ( Creative Commons ASA 3.0 ) Author: Dbrukman Image URL: ( Creative Commons ASA 3.0 )

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(New Science Fiction Book) Ancient Armada: Book One!

Hey, everyone, my name is Tyler Leslie, and I am the author of the new series, Ancient Armada! This is a science-fiction series set on Earth in the year 2047. I hope you enjoy it! Watch this space for more info; Book Two is currently being written and more info on that will appear in the future!

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