Write authoritatively about sci fi aliens?

I just bought a new domain name today, alienomnibus.com (I couldn’t believe it was available) and I’ve begun writing about the aliens in my three…

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‘The New World Order’ by Ben Jeapes: Part 2: 1651 Trailer

URY’s national award winning team presents our most ambitious drama to date, available to hear worldwide at www.ury.org.uk at 14:00 on the 18th of November. More info: www.facebook.com Six years have past since the events of Part 1 and an uneasy peace has been agreed as the occupation of England takes hold. But with the arrival of Golekh’s ruler, The Dommonel, and Congragation Missionaries from the Old World, England’s peace stands on a knife edge. With breath-taking imagination, Ben Jeapes has wrenched the familiar flow of English history out of its course and made it into something else, something entirely other. There is a third force, an entirely alien force — the Holekhor — who have martial powers of their own, their own religious leaders who command mysterious and strange forces, and who bring with them technology that should not have been seen in England for another three hundred years… Prepare to be astounded. History will never be the same again.’ Described by the Sunday Times in 2004 as “Without doubt the best science fiction book of the year”, the national award winning drama team at University Radio York has the privilege of the first ever dramatization of this incredible novel. With an incredible cast of around 30 talented student actors and a specially composed score recorded by an ensemble fine student musicians this two part feature length drama brings you, through the power of radio, scenes to rival Hollywood epics as well as an intimate portrait of

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(New Science Fiction Book): Ancient Armada: Book One

Song: Our Solemn Hour by Within Temptation Hey guys, my name is Tyler Leslie and I am the author of the new series Ancient Armada. Book One has been published, and I am currently writing the second installment in the series. I hope you all enjoy it and keep your eyes on this space!

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In This World – Science Fiction Book Trailer

The book trailer for my novel, In This World. (Scroll to the bottom for an extract or go here: goo.gl In This World tells the story of James, and his quest to identify his true origins. This is a soft science fiction novel of 41000 words, and is available to purchase for all eBook readers. Up to two chapters are free to read on either the Kindle or Smashwords book stores. If you are interested, follow a link below or use the ISBN number (9781301502028) to find the book. Or this ASIN number for Amazon: B00A2ZH6T6 If you do purchase it, please let me know what you think with a review or comment. Thanks for looking. Kindle: www.amazon.co.uk Smashwords: www.smashwords.com Sample chapter from In This World: Time stopped. The effect permeated the entire universe, reaching every corner of creation, yet no living thing noticed. The entire universe remained frozen, unbroken movement on every level of reality engulfed all living things. Even the tiniest strings that bound the universe with a fabric of an eternal web of consciousness, remained frozen in a unending blanket of silence. The deepest structure of existence fractured, as a man without a face arose from the depths of eternity to walk amongst a new reality. He stumbled slightly as he placed a footing on the surface of the new universe that manifested itself around him. The structure of Narvious remained solid as he stepped towards the occupants. A young female was lent forward toward a viewing area, elbow resting on a white

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