Dark Life Trailer

This was made for a school project: Summary: The book, The Dark Life, by Kat Falls is a science fiction book that takes place in the future after a world catastrophe. All that is left is a small chunk of land where people are crowded together. The land is surrounded by water. The government conducted a scientific experiment to see if people could live underwater. They were able to make a colony underwater. The main character is Ty, a boy that lives underwater. Kids growing up in the water colony all have dark gifts which allow them to do something that a normal human couldn’t. Ty’s gift is sonar. The conflict in the story evolves around the Seablite gang, who is robbing government ships. The government will close down the water colony if the gang is not stopped. Ty meets a girl named Gema who is from land and is searching for her brother. He agrees to help her search while he tries to stop the gang. She had escaped from the orphanage because she needs her brother to sign an emancipation form. During their search, they capture Shade who is the leader of the Seablite gang. Then, he escapes again. They learn that Shade is Gemas brother who was part of the experimental colony. He wants revenge on the government and doctors for what they have done to him.

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