“The Grand Tour Part 3,” Episode 54 of Journey Into Space

Kerbal Space Program is Copyright Squad kerbalspaceprogram.com The Grand Tour continues! The destination this time, the mysterious and uber-cool Pol, moon of Jool. I combat a bout of morning brain, miss a hot date with Laythe, and then towards the end I evidently consume some sort of hallucinogenic mushroom because everything goes all wobbly and multicolored. ;) I also put in a pitch for my books, part 1 and 2 of an epic work of fantasy authored by me! While I generally avoid shameful and degrading pitches for book sales, there is a reason for it right now: I would like to get SimCity 5 when it comes out, but lacking any sort of positive cash flow it is hard for me to rationalize spending out of savings. So I give you an opportunity to provide me with a moola transfusion while getting yourself some nifty works of epic fantasy! High quality and very hefty books (with maps and pictures!) suitable for gracing a coffee table near you! The Tale of the Saejenjou Book 1: The Great Desert www.lulu.com The Tale of the Saejenjou Book 2: The Navel of the World www.lulu.com My writing website (the science fiction book depicted there is in a state of arrested development at the moment.) lizardboys.com I mentioned Zachariah 1688 who first inspired me to look into SimCity 5 and with whom I might do some SimCity co-op play if I wind up being able to get it. A cool Youtuber and a great channel. He also does some KSP. www.youtube.com

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